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Sunday, November 08, 2009 10:08:00 AM
~A simple 23rd Affair~

A typical bday treat cum date where boy meets girl,
went for a movie & coversations over a simple dinner.
Simple yet, its the thoughts that counts.

A walk at Botanical Gardens at 11pm was the supposed
intention to give the bday boy a mini surprise with 3
of his frens, with half-melted cake awaiting for him.

With the ramblings frm us against the serenity of the
atmosphere on a cooling night, it was just pure bliss.

Thank you to them for making it happen.

Happy 23rd Birthday to my one & only,
Mohamad Hakim Jawahir.


~the long-missed meet-up~

The conversations abt boys & whatever-nots
amidst our trip to geylang & bugis while in the
company of a new 'Y' homosapien happened aftr
weeks of hectic schedule tt doesnt permit us
to plan for any meet-ups. And of coz the camwhoring
never ends especially w/the new addition.
.another day awaits.

Friday, October 30, 2009 11:56:00 PM
the ol' good times.

Catching up with my dearest Janice aftr
eons yrs (okay...i was exaggerating...),more
like abt 4-5yrs ago (which is still pretty long),
was a Breather.Finally!

& only did i realised how much i missed her.
Im so in need of doing more catching up with
the gd old friends. Pri, Sec & MI sweethearts.

1:19:00 AM
you've got me twisted.

a simple date.
a simple time spent with you.
thank you.
I Love You.

1:05:00 AM
~Jacq's 21st & swinging gd~

Invitation cards was given out to us before the
exams. To Jacq's 21st at the Home Team NS
on the 24th Oct aftr exams ended.

a whole bunch of MDIS cliques

darling laura & dawn

when midnight strikes, this is wht u get

& they're missing sme ol' gd times

swinging like the night nvr ends

credits to the boyfie

& with my dearest sweetheart, Nadia.
Happy 21st Jacq & Happy 21st Nadia!!
Oct 16, 2009 & Oct 29, 2009 respectively.
A surprise awaits u this Sunday at Sentosa
dearest Nadia. Amazing Race cum surprise.
stay tuned for the updates.

12:25:00 AM
~A feasty day~

Went raya visiting with my MDIS cliques
on Oct 10, 2009. Which also happened to
be the mom's 42nd birthday. Hence the
White Chocz Macadamia Bday Cake frm
Secret Recipe. First hse was mine since i
cooked for them & the bro's frens.

Mom's 42nd Bday Cake

prepared by me & mom


murali dressed for the day w/help frm ardy

Murali was the 'Sultan' for the day

with dearest Anne

DSLR addiction!!!

ready to dig in

final hse at Sembawang: Robbie's grandma's hse

ardy w/the gf, delia...Sepasang kurung biru
despite staying at my hse for abt 3hrs, gg to
only 4hses altogether & ending the day till 1am,
there was truck loads of fun & laughter.
Plus, delia & murali too were dressed in our
traditional costumes.
Awesomeness & shacked-ness.

12:12:00 AM
~the support~

On the last day of the term, Oct 9, 2009,
the boyfie fetched me frm sch & we headed
straight for the Home Club to watch the fren's
performance. Imran & his band was playing there.
Tix was $12/person w/a free drink.

the multi-talented fren, imran on the
mini trumpet.

his band: psychedellic elements

stayed till past midnight before heading hme.

Thursday, October 29, 2009 12:45:00 AM
~the long overdued pictos~

Raya 2009 was fun, fun, FUN!!!
awesome bunch of ppl & plenty of laughter.
definitely the way to celebrate raya this yr.

First update: Raya 2009 w/the Senioritaz
A 2 day event back-to-back.
Outcome: Tremendous rock'n time & shacked-ness.

Lots of camwhoring with so many cams snapping.
Over 300 pictos altogether.

Couple 1: Yan w/gf

Couple 2: Beebee & Arthurk

Couple 3: Suniyah & Ayim

Couple 4: Me & boyfie

Couple 5: Lan & Rin

Couple 6: Siti & Syai

the gentlemen...

excluding 2 families with one child each & all the
single men. tht sums up to a total of abt 40 ppl
or so. HUGE family of us.

See these row of bikes?there's more
thn 10 of them, excluding 4 cars.

and the best part,
A tradition tt we keep dear to our hearts:

the greetings frm us Senioritaz to everyone!!
dun ask why he's ASP Fadzhairi...*inside joke*

the 2nd day raya-ing

me & boyfie

& this pic clearly shows how shacked
we were frm the 2days of visiting

Sunday, September 27, 2009 11:52:00 PM
~the most creative presentation~

Had our Human Pharmacology & Physiology (HPPL)
presentation on September 16, 2009 on Wed night.
And ours was deemed to be as the most creative
presentation in the entire class. Why??
Simply bcoz we did videos & a skit while presenting
our case study, ie. Fref Field's Heart Failure.
Awesome? Yes!! Funny? Definitely!!!

Hopefully we score high for our creativity(15%)
to at least help us get a higher mark. And of coz
the cam-whoring while we waited for the train hme.

Here's the videos. Enjoy & dont forget to turn
up the volume. Listened out for the narration!!
Music are included too!

the 1st video before starting on our main
presentation, ie. a skit

the final video to end our presentation,
a dating scene cum heart attack scene

enjoy coz we definitely did!
We laughed our asses off while doing the
recording, thnx to all the bitching & the
never-ending crappy ideas! Love them!

11:33:00 PM
Random pics taken using my FinePix Fujifilm
6.3 Mega Pixels digi camera on random days

With limitations

colour spectrum

vintage is the new look

Dusty corners

Mr Blue says, "Im shy".

Changing weather


Hopes still shines



She says

One sees nothing on the surface.
Yet one chooses to pass judgements.
One who sees beyond the surface.
Are one who chooses to understand.
One's opinion wasn't asked to be
judged & opiniated by others.
For it's the creator's mind to wander.

Hakim & Fina
Since May 1,2002

As She Is

Nur Shafinah Abdullah
June 23,1987.MDIS.

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